The Youth Alive Academy is like no other place to study. It’s an eclectic mix of Higher Education study, specialising in youth culture, as well as diving into the bible, all the while developing your personal leadership. Being Australia’s largest Christian youth movement, the exposure up close and personal to local and global ministers will grow you and your world view. Tapping into the way this generation likes to study, we offer a diverse range of learning experiences, including connecting nationally on a regular basis to other Academy students and educators. On top of all this, you get to intern with us and then bring it all back to your local church. It’s a year that you will change your life and set you up to fulfill your God potential.


COURSE CATEGORY SELECTION: Leadership / Ministry Courses

COURSE SELECTION: Diploma of Leadership [Higher education Award]

LOCATION: Online - Facilitated at a Church/External Location

FACILITY: Youth Alive Academy

Semester 1

EXP001 Professional Practice

LEA001 Introduction to Leadership

BIB001 Introduction to Bible 

LEA003 Personal and Organisational Leadership

Semester 2 

MIN006 Youth Ministry 

THE001 Christian Worldview

MIN004 Communicating the Faith

LEA002 Public Speaking 



CLOSES 15.7.19

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