This 45 day devotional series by Cam and Renee is designed to help young people encounter God daily.

We are convinced they will have the best life when they learn to hear from God for themselves. This first book of the series is about discovering God's patterns for living, which time after time are contrary to what our culture values. As we journey the pages of God's word, we look at things such as how God chooses those who feel ordinary; how popularity doesn't rate with God; intentional dating; why it can be a good thing to feel lost; becoming friends with 'nobodies' and so much more.

You can use this book on your own plus it is also perfect for small groups and entire youth ministries.

Cameron and Renee have become two of the most trusted and experienced youth pastors in Australia. They are the National Directors of Youth Alive, leading the way in reaching young people and those who work with them, through international, national and statewide events.

If you have any other queries then please get into contact with us at devotions@youthaliveqld.com